Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside

S3 E46 Celebrity Souls Speak Taylor Hawkins, Includes Transcript

April 08, 2022 Brian White and Rene' Leister Season 3 Episode 46
S3 E46 Celebrity Souls Speak Taylor Hawkins, Includes Transcript
Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside
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Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside
S3 E46 Celebrity Souls Speak Taylor Hawkins, Includes Transcript
Apr 08, 2022 Season 3 Episode 46
Brian White and Rene' Leister

Taylor Hawkins, drummer for the Foo Fighters, passed unexpectedly while on tour with the band in South America. Like so many others before him, Taylor died of an accidental drug overdose. He was 50 years old. 
During our conversation, Taylor reveals details of his passing, gives us some advice about life, and has messages for his loved ones.

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Taylor Hawkins, drummer for the Foo Fighters, passed unexpectedly while on tour with the band in South America. Like so many others before him, Taylor died of an accidental drug overdose. He was 50 years old. 
During our conversation, Taylor reveals details of his passing, gives us some advice about life, and has messages for his loved ones.

Hello and welcome to Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene’, Interviews With The Otherside. The mission of Celebrity Souls Speak is to serve as the conduit between this world and the souls who have returned to the place we all go when we transition back to our original form. Many celebrities who have passed feel an obligation to assist us in this difficult journey, especially the ones who pass unexpectedly. They hope that mankind will listen to their advice, after all, they have the big picture now. We are speaking with Taylor Hawkins, drummer for the Foo Fighters, who passed unexpectedly at the age of 50 while on tour in South America. Our interviews are live and unedited, although we do speed up the soul's portion of our conversation, the dead speak slowly. 

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Oliver Taylor Hawkins was born on February 17, 1972, in Fort Worth, Texas. His family relocated to Laguna Beach, California, where he would begin his music career. Taylor was the touring drummer for Alanis Morissette on her Jagged Little Pill tour, as well as the drummer in a short-lived experimental band called Sylvia. There are no coincidences and In 1997, the Foo Fighters lost their drummer. Dave Grohl contacted Alanis Morissette's touring drummer, Taylor Hawkins, to see if he could recommend anybody. Grohl was surprised when Hawkins volunteered himself and he made his Foo Fighters debut in time for the album's release. For 25 years Taylor played with the Foos as well as participating in other projects outside of the band. His death shocked the world and he left behind his wife and three children to finish their journeys. 

T You’re a big fan of the band.

R Taylor Hawkins? 

T Yes.

R I’m sure you know that I am a huge fan of the band. Thank you for coming through. 

T You’re welcome. I have been told that you are trying to help mankind through the messages we give you. I would like to say some things.

R This is the place.

T First, I did not kill myself. It was stupidity. I was chasing the dragon, a little too hard, and I took too much. I can’t believe I ended up this way when I spoke of the others who have accidentally killed themselves. Thought I had it under control. So did they. Goes to show you that drugs are nothing to mess with.

R Good lesson again, for humanity. Too bad we have to lose so many talented people this way, 

T One moment, one bad decision, it’s over. That’s true of everything though, isn’t it?

R Yes, you could relate that statement to everything in life. If I hadn’t stepped off the curb when the bus was coming if I hadn’t taken that turn too fast. Decisions have consequences yet we make so many without thought.

T Good way to put it.

R So was your passing part of your life plan or was it something that happened through free will? Can you explain this to our audience?

T We all come with a plan that is agreed to. There are points that must happen but most of your life is free will, you do what you want, and live how you see fit. The smart ones like you, seek advice and try to live inside the lines. 

R I wasn’t always enlightened, this is something I only discovered 5 years ago. We all have abilities within us, some never welcome it. I did and changed my life direction to try to live more closely aligned with the Universe. It’s hard sometimes, we do have this human thought process that throws us monkey wrenches.

T Laughing, ah love it!

R Just one of my favorites. Hard to choose, I have so many: Everlong, Best of You, Learn to Fly, The Pretender, All My Life, My Hero, Times Like These, This Is A Call. I’ll stop now. So, what was your passing like?

T Nothing special really. It was more confusing than anything. I was getting high, passed out, and died. I woke up here. Didn’t drift away from my body or see the light. I was in a field. There were flowers, a waterfall, and mountains. There were lights flashing everywhere, like fireflies. And then I saw people I know who were dead. And I was confused but soon realized that I had crossed over. 

R How did you feel about that, leaving without closure?

T Oh man, I was upset at first. Everyone there was freaking out. I could see things happening in my mind, like a tv screen in my mind, I guess it’s called my consciousness now that I don’t have a body or brain. It’s something that takes getting used to but it feels familiar. I know that sounds strange but the things that people are being told about this existence are true. We are energy and we can form that energy into anything we please.

R Explain that.

T I can give myself an appearance, not a body that is dense but an appearance. And I can make my surroundings any way I want. Today the beach, tomorrow the mountains…..

R So by thinking about things, you can manifest them?

T Yes, you do too. They call it the law of attraction, what you put your attention to is what the Universe will give. Good or bad. That’s why people are told to be positive and focus on positive things. You get what you ask for. 

R So how do we stop bringing pain into our lives?

T First stop not believing, naysaying, it is real. You have to believe in this process. Then you have to gain control over the rambling of your human brain. Meditation is the best way, really the only way to accomplish this. It’s through drugs that we try to still the mind. That’s what happens, you know when we accidentally overdose we’re trying to use drugs to still the chatter but it doesn’t work. That’s why you take more, but that only gets you here. If you truly want to manifest your desires, you must meditate. That also teaches you how to communicate here, it’s all energy, our thought process.

R You have learned a lot from your passing or should I say that you knew all along these things but didn’t access this knowledge when you were here.

T That’s correct. We make a plan. We come into the Earth through the body vessel and the part of your soul that is having this journey doesn’t have any knowledge of your past lives or who you are. There are some that do have this ability but society doesn’t recognize or listen to them. It’s a shame. They are the messengers and try very hard to educate as many of you as possible. You are a messenger and you are doing the best you can to communicate from here to there. You can only educate those who want to learn. The rest will find that they will not enjoy the peace that those who are enlightened have. I was one of those non-believers. I didn’t consider those things that I heard, I was too busy having a human life to stop and consider these things.

R How do you want to be remembered?

T As someone who hopefully touched the lives of others and made their lives better. Through my music mostly but also just by living and caring and respecting those I encountered. I think I was a good person.

R Who was your biggest influence, out of the many? Your mentor?

T Dave Grohl. He is my soul brother. We have traveled many lifetimes together. I always knew there was something special about our relationship but it wasn’t until I got here that I saw how integral he was to my journey. I hope he knows how much I love him. I think he does. 

R Say something to him.

T I love you, man. We will be together someday, not soon. Live your life in happiness and joy. Be grateful for what you have.

R Do you have any regrets?

T Well the biggest one of course was the last action, trying to get higher. There were other things throughout my life that I regretted while I was there but I now see that they had to happen the way they did. Regret and worry, you need to lose those, they serve no purpose along with guilt. 

R What are you the most proud of?

T My kids. They are wonderful. I was only with them there a short time there but I will always be here watching over them and providing guidance as I can. I am always with you guys.

R What’s the best advice you got when you were here?

T Learn how to play the drums.

R What do you wish you knew prior to starting your career?

T How hard it is, especially for the family. You hear people talk about it but like everything else you think you will do it better. You don’t. 

R Is there any question that you wish I would’ve asked you?

T Laughter. Well, I guess which experience do you prefer, the adventure on Earth or the eternal life we lead. The eternal life, of course, Earth is a small drop in the bucket. So don’t rely so heavily on it. It’s just a chapter in the book, an act in a play. 

Don’t be serious. Remember you are there to learn so pay attention.

R I have many more questions but I know our time is limited. It's hard to hold this vibration for both of us. May we talk again?

T Of course, I enjoyed our conversation, you call me anytime.

R Thank you.

Orbs, which are balls of light energy not usually seen with the naked eye but are evidenced in videos and photographs, are another of the unexplained paranormal phenomena that people would explain away as “dustballs” or “light reflections” rather than believe they are spirit energy here on Earth. 

I will never try to convince someone of my beliefs, rather I inform you and you make your own decision. While I was talking with Taylor I used my iPhone video to capture the spirit energy in the room. I have posted some still photos on our Facebook page, see for yourself. https://www.facebook.com/TheCelebritySoulsSpeak

Thank you for listening.