Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside

S2 E23 Celebrity Souls Speak Keith Moon Includes Transcriipt

January 11, 2021 Rene' and Brian/Keith Moon Season 2 Episode 23
Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside
S2 E23 Celebrity Souls Speak Keith Moon Includes Transcriipt
Show Notes Transcript

Keith Moon, the colorful drummer of The Who, talks with us about his life here and his life now there. Listen to find out his role in naming Led Zeppelin. 
Rene's note: Keith is one confusing guy. If I didn't know about the wildman craziness he busted out with at times, I would never believe it. Did you hear the story about him and Steve McQueen, his neighbor in Malibu? We'll get into that next time.

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Hi this is Rene’ and welcome to Celebrity Souls Speak. What follows is a conversation that I had with Keith Moon. Yes, I know he’s dead, I talk to dead people. Or souls passed over to be a bit more respectful. I’m new to this whole speaking with dead people thing, sometimes the Universe doesn't give you the gift until you are ready for it. Guess I’m ready.

Rene’ I found a quote by Roger Daltry that I felt summed up what I know of Keith Moon: “His algorithms were a little bit different.” 

Keith was the drummer with The Who through eight albums and 35 singles. It’s been said that Keith Moon was to the drums what Jimi Hendrix was to the guitar – a complete original. Moon’s kit was the biggest in rock, at one point boasting at least 10 tom-toms, twin bass drums, twin timpani, snare, half-a-dozen cymbals and a gong. 

Keith became a surf music fan early on. He began playing drums as a teenager and after stints with local bands, he joined The Who in 1964. Moon is said to have named Led Zeppelin when an early version of the band that would have had himself, along with John Entwistle on bass, Jimmy Page on guitar, and an undecided vocalist, as members; he stated the potential supergroup would “go down like a lead Zeppelin.”

His bandmates Roger Daltry and Pete Townshend would admit that the soul of the group was mortally wounded on September 7, 1978, when Keith passed over at age 32. He had attended a party given by Paul McCartney for the launch of “The Buddy Holly Story.” Quite ironic that the drug prescribed to him to help quell his thirst for alcohol, Heminevren, would be the reason he died. Keith overdosed on it. He was the poster child for “Sex, drugs and rock and roll.” Let’s just say he led a hedonistic lifestyle.

 I found Keith to be a quiet sort, which is surprising considering the life he led here. You never really know about somebody. 

Keith contacted me and wanted to hear about this project we have going on. I explained that our project was born out of a conversation with Lennon and Harrison to raise awareness that there is an afterlife and that artists here are abused by the very people who are charged to care for them. I asked if he had been exposed to less than ideal treatment in his career and his response was Me, no, I didn’t care about any of that shit, I just did what I wanted.

We talked about his life here and the challenges of being famous. Keith told me he got high, drank, and did all the things that he was warned not to do, yet he is a quiet guy at home. He said, I have different personalities to fit different occasions. He lived the way he wanted and didn’t mean to die, it was an accident. Keith shared, That’s what I think of my time there. I was alive one moment and then here the next. I didn’t know what had happened. I thought I was tripping or something. Then I saw my grandfather and he explained it to me and took me to where I would reside. I just had to ask, Is it a one or two-bedroom flat? To which Keith responded, Oh good one, very funny coming from an American. I shot back, Well sir I’ll have you know that I also have English roots that I traced back to 1100. So we may be related, be careful what you say, I may be a distant cousin. Keith laughed, Ok, you are pretty good, I like people who have a quick wit. I replied, That’s me, old quick wit. Just don’t ask me what I had for breakfast. Keith shared that he never went through the aging thing here. I said, You are lucky, it really sucks. To think that this bag of skin and bone is disintegrating as we speak, kind of grosses me out. Keith replied, Wow, you really nailed it. Good observation. 

Keith had a question for me. So I hear you write songs with people. Yes, I have written with Sid Barrett, Prince and Jim Morrison. Keith said, That is so cool, I can’t believe people aren’t watching or listening to your show. Thank you for that. We’ll catch on, just have to get the word out there and that costs money. I understand, I hated the money. It caused all the problems. I agree. Money is the root of all evil. 

Keith is also known for his unique style of drumming. I asked how it came about, where did he learn to hold his sticks in that manner. He said he was just goofing around one day and did that technique and it was cool. So he just kept doing it and soon it was just natural. Keith said, I loved playing the drums. I was only a part of the synergy, the guys were great to work with and I loved playing with them. Look forward to that reunion in the sky. 

We talked about his life now and where he is and if he is happy. He said, Yes, of course, what’s not to like. It is not at all like where you are, so peaceful, why did I ever come there?  I can do everything here that I did there. And no money, bullshit, managers, record companies, women telling me that to do, so no I do not plan a return visit. 

What do you do there? Keith replied, We all have jobs, they depend on what we feel like doing at any certain time. Of course, that’s the best part of it, all these talented people doing such cool things, it’s really amazing. I asked, It just sounds so attractive on that side why do we bother to come here. Keith answered, Because you asked for it, you signed up for it. Course they don’t tell you that, you go into it blindly and don’t know what to expect. Sometimes you just get a bad life.

 Keith, thank you so much for speaking with us.

One last question, what do you want mankind to know?

That they are fucking everything up.