Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside

S2 E25 Celebrity Souls Speak Glen Campbell, Includes Transcript

March 01, 2021 Brian White and Rene' Leister Season 2 Episode 25
Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside
S2 E25 Celebrity Souls Speak Glen Campbell, Includes Transcript
Show Notes Transcript

Glen Campbell died twice. When he was a toddler, he drowned while swimming and was revived by his brother.  Glen went on to become one of the most respected musicians in our generation. 
He shares his experience with Alzheimer's and his eventual death to help those here realize that there is nothing to fear in dying, our soul moves into the next dimension. 


Hi. This is Brian White. Welcome to Season 2 Episode 25. My wife, Rene’, is a Medium and I’ve been a radio personality for over 50 years. The otherside established communication with us because they wish to stay in touch with this dimension. They know I truly love and respect music and the artists that perform it and Rene’ is a huge music fan as well. We started this podcast and have been interviewing celebrities that have passed over. We’re giving them a platform, they have a lot to say and we’re in contact and passing along their thoughts.

Glen Campbell felt a divine touch in his life as if he were given a gift he didn’t earn. How else do you explain his life, one of the most extraordinary rags to riches stories in popular music history? 

The 12th child and seventh son of a dirt poor sharecropper born in the depths of the depression on April 22, 1936, Campbell drowned in the Little Missouri River near his family’s Arkansas home, when he was a toddler. His lips were blue when he was pulled from the river, his rescuers believed he was gone. But his brother Lyndell didn’t and resuscitated him. Glen went on to live a blessed life and he always suspected it was because of this gift.

 When he was four, Campbell’s father recognized his talent and bought him a $5 guitar from Sears & Roebuck. Under the tutelage of his Uncle Boo, he quickly showed himself to be a prodigy. How could the two events not be related? It was clear Campbell was a special talent and began to earn a living with his guitar. As a teenager, he went on to become one of the most respected, revered, and popular performers of the rock ‘n’ roll era.

In 2011 he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Nevertheless, he launched “The Glen Campbell Goodbye Tour,” with his children becoming key members of his band. A film crew followed Campbell for a portion of the 151 sold-out shows as he navigated the disease. The resulting documentary, “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me,” was hailed by critics and yielded the singer one last Grammy, Best Country Song, for “I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” along with a second Academy Award nomination.

Mr. Campbell, so wonderful to meet you. It’s just Glen but I’m so glad to hear from you. I’ve heard about your venture. I’m glad you remembered this old guy. May I ask if you would share what you went through, from the time you realized something was wrong, to your diagnosis, to your passing. I believe that people fear because they are not in control. If you tell them what is going to happen, it takes some of that fear away. I would have to agree with that statement. If it will help somebody, sure. Well, I can guarantee it will help one. Me. 

I was just forgetting things, thought this was normal for my age. Then it just got worse and worse. I couldn’t remember things, then people, then my body forgot how to function. It was certainly not a kind death, like where you go to bed then never wake up, there was much pain and agony all around. The worst was seeing my family go through this. I just wanted to die at that point. They shouldn’t have to go through this, just let me die now. The Universe didn’t let me come early, I had to finish. When the time was right I was released. How was this different than when you had the close call as a child? I didn’t come out of my body when I had the accident. When I died, there was a time when I looked down and saw my body and realized I was probably dead. It was a release really, I felt free. The pain was gone, my mind was clear. Then I realized that the human part of me died but for sure my soul survived. People don’t believe this part but we aren’t meant to be part of that whole body-brain ego thing. We are too evolved for the foolishness that is happening where you are. Thank you so much for sharing that personal information. It does help others to hear time and again that there is more….This is something to look forward to, not to fear. Why do people assume it is a bad thing? I guess we aren’t the brightest planet in the Universe, are we? 

Dolly Parton is a friend, can you tell me about your friendship? Dolly is an amazing talent and an amazing businesswoman. I can’t keep up with her, she has more energy than 10 people her age.  

Brian Loved your version of “Amazing Grace” with Dolly.

When I asked Glen if he fulfilled his life’s purpose he responded that I think I did the best I could without knowing what I was supposed to be doing. 

Brian Well it sure sounded like you knew what you were doing especially with songs like “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” and “Witchita Linemen”

Your music career is so impressive, having played with the top musicians of the time. “The Wrecking Crew” was one of your first full-time gigs, right? Working with “The Wrecking Crew” gave me the experience I needed.

Brian Even though you were part of “The Wrecking Crew’s” foundation, it was a stepping stone for you on your way to stardom.

And you joined “The Beach Boys” in 1964. Again this experience gave me what I needed.

Brain We never knew you played the opening guitar on “Fun Fun Fun” until later and then we found out about “The Wrecking Crew.” You played on “Strangers in the Night” and “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin.”

And I remember “The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour” 1969-1972. I had so much fun with this show. Got to meet so many talented people, it was a kick. 

Brian I never got to see you in concert but with the tv show, it was like being there.

This is your forum is there anything you want to say?

Yea, I love my family and look forward to the time when we are reunited. And to mankind, everything you are doing is a waste of

your energy. I am so sad that the world has gone crazy and hope that humans take the opportunity to learn. Life should be easy, you are making it too complicated This was a pause for you to get adjusted. Use this time wisely.

Thank you Glen.

My pleasure.