Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside

S2 E29 Celebrity Souls Speak Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker of Cream, Includes Transcript

April 20, 2021 Brian White and Rene' Leister Season 2 Episode 29
Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside
S2 E29 Celebrity Souls Speak Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker of Cream, Includes Transcript
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Sometimes there is synchronicity among certain people.  Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker along with  Eric Clapton (still here right now) formed a band and called it Cream. They all didn't know each other well.  Ginger and Eric knew each other but not Jack, Jack was the wild card. In 1966, Cream became the world's first supergroup. And in 1968 they quit. Too many things caused the rift between the members of the band that eventually led to their disbanding. Too bad, they made some awesome music for such a short time. How many Cream songs can you name? I got them all! We chatted with Ginger and Jack, they were so entertaining. There's much more coming, this is just the beginning. Sit back and enjoy Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce speaking from the otherside.


Brian Hi. This is Brian White. Welcome to Season 2, Episode 29 of Celebrity Souls Speak, Interviews From The Otherside: Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. My wife, Rene’, is a spirit communicator, she speaks to those on the otherside, and I’ve been a radio personality for over 50 years. The otherside established communication with us because they wish to stay in touch with this dimension. They are our teachers, the invisible knowledge that helps us on our way. They have much to share and hope that those who listen will reflect on their messages. 

Rene’ When I first spoke to Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce they were in line to speak with us. They were very concerned that their names were on my list of celebrity souls to interview for the podcasts. 

JackandGinger You can’t write a story without talking to us. 

Rene’ I wouldn’t dream of it. Of course, you’re on the list.

Rene’ Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton formed a band in the ’60s and they named it “Cream.” Little did they know that their three-man band would add another form of music not heard before. “Cream” inspired a whole generation. They weren’t buds from school, these guys were basically strangers who came together in 1966 when Eric Clapton (guitar and vocals) and Ginger Baker (drums) decided to form a band. Clapton met Jack Bruce (bass and vocals) and asked him to join the band, which was a combination of rock, blues and jazz.  They created a sound that was all theirs, over a period of two years, 1966-1968.Yes, just two years. And you are about to hear why they broke up straight from the source. White Room, Sunshine of Your Love, I’m So Glad, I Feel Free, Strange Brew, if you don’t know the words to these monster hits, smack yourself on the forehead. 

Rene’ Let’s just get this out of the way….What happened to the band, you were so successful.

Ginger I think there are times when you know it is over. What was one thing that broke the camel’s back so to say. When you said to yourself, I’m done for real. There really isn’t just one thing, it was a storm, a fucking tornado of shit and I just got tired of it.

Jack Yes, you just know it is time to go in different directions. WHAT DIRECTION DID YOU GO IN? The direction furthest away from all that shit. I played music and lived a good life.

Rene’ Who was doing all the fighting?

Ginger Well, it was me and Jack mostly. We just had different ideas. ABOUT WHAT? Everything, the sky is blue. We fought over that. Just two different personalities that didn’t mesh well. It made for a very miserable time when you should be happy and enjoying doing your thing and getting paid for it. 

Jack I didn’t think we fought that much. SO WHO WAS FIGHTING? It was me and Ginger mostly. I admit it. We just didn’t hit it off, ever. That’s not to say that Eric wasn’t involved sometimes but he mostly kept to himself.

Rene'Well it’s 2021, Eric is here still making music. Jack was the first to go in 2014, he died of liver cancer. Ginger stayed until 2019, when he died of pulmonary disease. Eric isn’t there yet, but when he gets there, do you foresee a “Cream” reunion?

Ginger He’s gonna love it. We play with different people and come up with different sounds, it’s amazing. 

Jack Yeah, I can’t describe it to you but it isn’t the music you are used to. 

Rene’ What was the happiest on Earth that you ever were?

Ginger When I was free of the band and contracts and deadlines. I decided how I spent my time. 


Ginge rWhatever I wanted mostly playing music and hanging with friends and family. Money wasn’t an issue, we made a lot of money and I didn’t have to work if I didn’t want to. So I enjoyed myself.

Jack That’s right. WHAT DID YOU DO? Played music and golf,  learned how to surf. 

Rene’ When you were here, did you believe in the afterlife?

Ginger I wasn’t sure. I didn’t really think about death, I was living too high. 

Jack I hadn’t really considered it much either, I just wanted to have fun where I was.

Rene’ What do you do now? Are you mentoring?

Ginger Yes, we play music and there are humans that I assist, although they don’t know it. 


Jack I play music with whoever is available. You can find people playing anytime. I sat in with Prince and Elvis recently. The instruments and music I can’t really describe, it is one of those things that you wouldn’t understand. 

Jack That’s one of the best parts of being here. We can help you guys and you won’t know it. So when we see you succeed, we are satisfied that we did our job. 


Ginger I helped a young guy decide what he wanted to do. He was being pushed to go to law school or something like that and he wanted to play the drums in a band. I put things into his path so that he could see what he would be missing if he went the other way. Isn’t that interfering? No, interfering is when you make something happen. I just gave him information. Ah, so is that like when I am trying to make a decision and all of a sudden these things begin to show up, like on tv or in a magazine, that have to do with my situation but they are pointing in a direction? Yup, that’s a sign, that’s how we do it sometimes. Good to know.

Rene’ Are you coming back here again? 

Ginger I have had my review and I really don’t want to go back there anytime soon. CAN YOU SHARE ANYTHING FROM YOUR REVIEW THAT MAY HELP OTHERS LIVE A GOOD LIFE? Oh boy, there is so much, I can say that if you knew what you could gain from living life right, you would probably do it. And realize that your EGO is not your friend and gets you into all kinds of trouble. Listen to your instincts.

Jack There is so much more good we can do from here. I’m ok where I am. 


Jack Some are assigned, some are referred, some you may come across and recognize that they are in the same situation, and you can help them. 

Rene’ Ginger, I have to say it was impressive watching you massage your instruments to get the best sound out of them. 

Ginger Well, thank you. Am I blushing?

Rene’ Freddie Mercury suggested we speak. One of the reasons for this podcast is to help those still here understand the challenges and abuses artists go through to have a career.  I would like to know about your relationship with records companies, promoters….

Ginger They are thieves and they abuse the very people who are making their money. 


Ginger Everything they did was abusive. There were unrealistic deadlines and schedules and it was constant pressure to give more. They don’t care that by doing this, they wear us out and then we can’t do anymore. When they’ve gotten what they want they get rid of us and start with the next band. 

Jack Our decision to part had several factors and this was one of them. We didn’t want to live like slaves. 


Jack Well, we didn’t get along and we had nothing but bullshit from the others so we said we aren’t having fun, let’s just go find something else for ourselves and that’s how it happened. Nobody directed it, we all agreed. And it was a good thing.

Rene’ Will you tell me something that no one knows?

Ginger Boy I lived pretty wide open, there isn’t much that was secret about my life. I did throw a rock once and break a neighbor's window. I lied and never owned up to it. So I imagine that was on your life review. Sure was.

Jack Haha, probably something about how I cheated on this one or that one.

Rene’ I want to thank you for coming through today and also participating in our “Words For The World” podcast. How about we talk again soon?

Ginger You don’t call on us, we’ll call on you.

Jack Right.

Rene’ Call me anytime. After all “I’m So Glad” we got to chat.