Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside

S2 E30 Celebrity Souls Speak President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Includes Transcript

May 01, 2021 Brian White and Rene' Leister Season 2 Episode 30
Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside
S2 E30 Celebrity Souls Speak President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Includes Transcript
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I was 7 years old when President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated. I was walking home with a group of friends and one of the older kids told us that Kennedy was dead.  
We had a picture of him in our den. I wasn't really sure about his place in my life but I knew he was important to my parents, they cried when they took that picture down. 
I usually choose which souls to speak to, this time I was chosen. President Kennedy came to me and requested that we speak.  I feel we still have more to discuss, this is just the beginning of what I hope will be a long and fruitful relationship. At some time, I hope to interview John Sr and Jr, stay tuned for that discussion.


Brian Hi. This is Brian White. Welcome to Season 2, Episode 30 of Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian and Rene’, Interviews From the Otherside: President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. My wife, Rene’, is a spirit communicator, she speaks to those on the otherside, and I’ve been a radio personality for over 50 years. The otherside established communication with us because they wish to stay in touch with this dimension. They are our teachers, the invisible knowledge that helps us on our way. They have much to share and hope that those who listen will reflect on their messages. 

Rene’.  There are some interviews that I initiate with souls that I would like to interview. And there are those who come to me because I may be listening to a song or watching a show about them. They call this “calling them in.” I am finding that more often these days I am being sought out by those who have something to say. This episode is very special because The 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, requested we speak with him. The beginning of this interview is our preliminary chatter, which I usually edit out, but I think you will enjoy our banter. 

Rene’ Good evening Mr. President. 

JFK        Good evening, please call me Jack. I see you are watching a program about me. 

Rene’ Yessir I am. I have always been interested in your life and death, and this documentary is one I haven’t seen yet. I am honored that you contacted me. I would like to tell your story, whatever you would like to share.

JFK That’s refreshing, most tell me what to say. Are you a famous writer?

Rene’ No sir, I am not a famous writer. 

JFK That’s not a bad thing that you are not experienced, maybe you can look at life through a different set of eyes.

Rene’ I want to tell your story, not through my eyes but yours. This is your forum sir. To say whatever you want.

JFK Ok well let’s give it a try. What do you want to know?

Rene’ Sir, what do you want me to know?

JFK Ah, this is going to be different, I am not used to people having respect for me. Well, ok, I have been told that you are fair and want to be a resource for us, I will try it with you.

Rene’ I will ask a few questions, feel free to bring up your own topics. Anything you want to discuss about your history?

JFK There has been so much written about my history, I don’t have anything new to say.

Rene’ Sir, has anybody actually let you talk about what you want to talk about? 

JFK Not really there are always questions being thrown at you, it’s hard to control those conversations. Ok, this is odd, but I will do my best. 


JFK People don’t know I knew that they were going to kill me. I was in the way and preventing them from instituting their agenda. I wasn’t aware of how or when but I knew. I was surprised when the bullet hit me, I wasn’t sure what it was, then another and I could feel that I was slipping away. Jackie was screaming and I knew I would not recover from this. It had happened.

 I was confused and didn’t realize I was dead, I thought I had been drugged with acid or something and assumed I would come out of it. Then I left my body and looked down and there were many people trying to save me. I realized I was dead. And then I saw Jackie and felt sad that I had to leave my children. I wasn’t there long before I was taken to this place by my family. It was beautiful, a beautiful, peaceful, happy place. I was greeted by many, and was given instructions what to do. I had grown up with Roman Catholic teaching and we really didn’t study this part.  But how could I be alive here and dead on Earth. I don’t think they, my spirit team and family, were prepared for so many questions, but I wanted to know what was happening. I didn’t get to be POTUS because I trusted people. 

I was unhappy that I hadn’t been able to complete my journey but after I saw the big picture, I realized it had to happen that way. Things on Earth were very upheaved and my team convinced me to do what I need to do for my soul, I wasn’t responsible for anyone but myself now. That was a strange prospect. I saw many that I knew and some that I wanted to know, there. Everyone was so welcoming and loving, there was no hate, no judgment. I was able to know what was happening on Earth but I was also charged with completing my journey. I have been here, watching and wondering when someone was going to figure this out. You have no idea how it looks from the outside in to where you are. I can see the big picture and how much humankind is veering off the path. 

Rene’ Is there anything you can do or think you should do?

JFK No, things are going to go as they should. I do help others with their journey and I have other things to attend to that are not able to be discussed. 

Rene’ SIr, were you killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, did he do this deed on his own?

JFK That’s the great mystery still. I can say some things but you must understand that there are things I can’t divulge because history cannot be tampered with. 

Rene’ I understand, and as I told you at the start, you should say what you want to say, I accept anything that you can tell me. 

JFK I will say that things are not always as they seem. There were many factors involved in my death and most will never be uncovered. It is best for society to move on and let this lie, the truth will never be known.

Rene’ Thank you for that. Maybe this will help some move on from trying to find the truth.

JFK The truth is they will never know the truth.

Rene’ I realize you cannot discuss some of your life there, but can you say what you do enjoy about your life now?

JFK This is the place you go after you leave your assignment on Earth. It is an amazing place and there is nothing to fear about death. I enjoy spending time doing whatever I want. 

Rene’ Do you plan a return lifetime in this place?

JFK I may someday but now I am enjoying my life here. I needed a long rest. 

Rene’ Anyone in particular you hang out with? 

JFK I spend most of my time in study and classes,  sometimes I will socialize with old friends who are here.

Rene’ Do you visit the Earth?

JFK I do occasionally, Caroline is there. I keep an eye on her and family. I also keep up with what is happening there and sometimes I wish I didn’t. So many wrongs. 

Rene’ You mention that you help people, for example what would attract you to someone?

JFK I have assisted several who had political aspirations, as well as others with the knowledge that I have gained over my lifetimes. I wasn’t always a politician.

Rene’ Can you share a few lifetimes?

JFK I was a farmer, a settler to this nation. I was a barrister, a laborer.  I have been a woman in several lifetimes. We have all had a very long history, we have all had very many lifetimes. 

Rene’ Is there anything, any message that you have for humanity?

JFK Greed and hatred have taken over your society. How can you try to destroy 50% of your population because they don’t agree with you. That is basically what is happening now. There isn’t anything that can be done, it has already started and must finish the cycle. There is much unhappiness ahead, it is as it is. Believe that where you are is not where you will be. It is a mere stop on a long journey that is eternal. Get through your life as best you can without worrying about things, especially those that you have no control over. It will be over soon enough and you will be here.

Rene’ I so appreciate you speaking with me, thank you so much sir. 

JFK This was an enjoyable experience being able to say what you want. 

Rene’ There is much that we can discuss. May I call on you again?

JFK Yes you may.