Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside

S2 E34 Celebrity Souls Speak Steve Jobs, Includes Transcript

May 27, 2021 Brian White and Rene' Leister Season 2 Episode 34
Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside
S2 E34 Celebrity Souls Speak Steve Jobs, Includes Transcript
Show Notes Transcript

What do you say to someone who changed the world? Hey, you got any ideas I can use? LOL, well I didn't ask that. Note for next interview.....
Listen up to me and Steve Jobs. OHWOWOHWOWOHWOW.

Brian Hi. This is Brian White. Welcome to Season 2, Episode 34 of Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian and Rene’, Interviews From The Otherside: Steve Jobs. My wife, Rene’, is a spirit communicator, she speaks to those on the otherside, and I’ve been a radio personality for over 50 years. The otherside established communication with us because they wish to stay in touch with this dimension. They are our teachers, the invisible knowledge that helps us on our way. They have much to share and hope that those who listen will reflect on their messages. 

“I like to believe there’s an afterlife. I like to believe the accumulated wisdom doesn’t just disappear when you die but somehow it endures.” Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

R Steven Paul Jobs was an American inventor, designer, entrepreneur, and the co-founder, chief executive, and chairman of Apple Computer. Apple's revolutionary products are now seen as dictating the evolution of modern technology. Born in 1955 to two University of Wisconsin graduate students who gave him up for adoption, Jobs was smart but directionless, dropping out of college and experimenting with different pursuits before co-founding Apple with Steve Wozniak in 1976. Jobs left the company in 1985, launching Pixar Animation Studios, then returned to Apple more than a decade later. Jobs died in Palo Alto on October 5, 2011, after battling pancreatic cancer for nearly a decade. He was 56 years old. In his eulogy, sister Mona Simpson wrote that just before dying, Jobs looked for a long time at his sister, Patty, then his wife and children, then past them, and said his last words: “OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.”

R This is the best kind of surprise.

SJ I am aware of who you are and what you are doing. I give you a lot of credit for putting yourself out there in this environment. Most have not embraced the afterlife and are skeptics, to say the least.

R I speak to those who will listen and hopefully those who don’t believe will still hear the message. I can’t change people’s minds. I can only put it out there.

SJ That’s right.

R You know all about that, don’t you?

SJ I sure do.

R What would you like to discuss?

SJ Well, that’s a very deep subject there is so much to talk about.

R How do you eat an elephant?

SJ HAHAHA. Alright.

R So first I would like to know what you saw as you were leaving this Earth. It is said that your last words were  “OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.” Is this true?

SJ I saw a beautiful light and there were people all around, my friends and family that had passed over. It was an amazing feeling releasing from the body, kind of like snapping a balloon. And then I was free. I could see everything that was happening to my body and I didn’t care, I was not tied to it anymore. I did see my family and others whom I loved and they were upset but I had no way to tell them it was ok. I was there for a short time and then I was told it was time to go. My parents and others were with me and we went to this place where I was told I would reside for the time being until I decided what I want to do. It was much like Earth but the people there were not like humans. I had a choice of how I would appear to others and I chose to be college age, some of the best times of my life. There were vehicles flying like the Jetsons, and there were balls of light floating, there were buildings that looked similar to ours but the sky was a strange color and I just felt out of place. I was taken to a place where I was given choices about how I would spend what they called the immediate, and I chose to relax at the beach. I was suddenly there. The colors were unlike any I have ever seen. The sky was pinkish and the water was a color blue that is unknown on Earth. They told me to relax and soon I would begin the process of transitioning my soul to this environment. I don’t know if this is the experience that all have but it is confusing at first and a little scary to be honest. After a while, you realize that this is the afterlife and you are ok. There are many meetings with your team and advisors. It is daunting to have so many involved in this process. There are angels and others I am not familiar with yet. There is your soul team who are the ones that you can communicate with when you are on Earth. I didn’t know that. And there are your friends and family and others who just want to help you. I saw many inventors like Edison and Einstein who wanted to spend time with me to talk about how we can help mankind. I went through what is called a life review and that is a process where you are shown your life basically and how you related to others and treated others. You are asked to judge yourself and that is where you are told what your life mission was. You will have to make a choice at some point about whether you feel you have completed your training and whether you need to revisit Earth or somewhere else to finish. You have options. I chose to stay there for now until I can see all of my options. I certainly contributed to mankind but I was also just a human and as such there were missteps along my way that I need to decide whether to accept or correct them. 

R I am speechless. 

SJ You have no idea what is waiting for you. This life you are living on Earth is a mere blink of the eye. 

R Did you have any idea how important you were when you were here?

SJ I knew that we had figured something out that would change humanity. I never looked at that I was special, I saw it as a team of us that worked together to make this happen.

R Are you still involved in inventing?

SJ No, I am taking a break from the Earth experience and will eventually decide what my next venture will be, right now I am just enjoying myself.

R So do you socialize with the likes of Einstein and Tesla?

SJ Yes, we sometimes chat about ideas we had there but didn’t get to complete. There are also so many other societies on other planets that are still discovering the most rudimentary of inventions. 

R Do you mentor people here?

SJ Yes, I have started to take on students that I believe I can help. I have talents other than inventing and I pick people that I can do different things for.

R The following comments were of a personal nature and I was not going to include them, only because I am not being interviewed, he is, and I don’t like to dialog too much. Then I decided that you need to hear this dialog. 

R Can you help me become a musician? Just kidding.

SJ Unfortunately that is not one of my skills. But there are many, many here who would be happy to help you. You have created a buzz here, most who contact us want something for themselves. We see that you are pure of intent and wish to help mankind. That is why you are experiencing those of us who are not so patient, coming to you. We wish to be part of your project because we know that sooner or later it will be recognized as a genuine effort to elevate mankind. And an effort to help those of us who still want to be of service to Earth. 

R Thank you for that.  I am so overwhelmed by your kindness and willingness to share this information with the world. Mankind needs to know this is not the end. They need to realize that there is more than just this excursion. And they need to realize that we have a duty to live a proper life, taking care of each other and the Earth instead of just looking out for number one. I truly hope that during my life here, I am able to help in some way, to accomplish this. I would like to leave this place knowing that I did all that I could to spread these messages There are so many of you that have so much more to say and if my plane mates would just listen if they could open their minds to listen to the very people that they respected here. Why won’t they believe you are still invested here? Why won’t they believe in the afterlife? What can we do to help them see?

SJ There have been many who have tried and some have succeeded. Others not. You cannot make the horse drink. Your job is to lead him to the water, what he does after that is not yours. You are doing what you are supposed to. Never blame yourself for the lack of humanity. Keep doing what you are doing. You are doing the best you can. The only losers are those who quit. You are not a loser and we will do the best we can from here to help you. There are many who desire to be included in this project, I know that you are only one person and a novice at that. Do not be overwhelmed. Just do your best. That’s all we can ever ask.

R You know, I am so lucky. I get to speak to people who I would never’ve had a chance to speak with when they were alive. I have the best interviews that nobody knows about yet.

SJ Yet. Hang in there. 

R There is so much more to discuss, may I call on you for another conversation?

SJ Absolutely, you call on me anytime. Keep your chin up.

R Thank you.

Thanks for listening. We hope that you find value in our conversations with those passed over. I am learning so much about life here and there, hope you are too.