Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside

S3 E41 Celebrity Souls Speak George Michael, Includes Transcript

September 02, 2021 Season 3 Episode 41
S3 E41 Celebrity Souls Speak George Michael, Includes Transcript
Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside
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Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside
S3 E41 Celebrity Souls Speak George Michael, Includes Transcript
Sep 02, 2021 Season 3 Episode 41

George Michael had his share of drama. His life was far from ordinary, right up to his death, which was on Christmas Eve alone at home in bed. 

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George Michael had his share of drama. His life was far from ordinary, right up to his death, which was on Christmas Eve alone at home in bed. 


Brian Hi. This is Brian White. Welcome to Season 3, Episode 41  of Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian and Rene’, Conversations From The Otherside: George Michael. My wife, Rene’, is a spirit communicator, she speaks to those on the otherside, and I’ve been a radio personality for over 50 years. The otherside established communication with us because they wish to stay in touch with this dimension. They are our teachers, the invisible knowledge that helps us on our way. They have much to share and hope that those who listen will reflect on their messages. 

R Welcome to Rene’s butcher the name of your town. Thank you for listening.

Algiers | Algiers | Algeria
Saguenay | Quebec | Canada
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Cienaga | Magdalena | Colombia
Paris | Île-de-France | France
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Trotwood | Ohio | United States
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Grand Est
| France
Hazebrouck | North | France

R Funny story here. My husband has a lovely radio voice. Deep and rich and...but he can’t sing. Fingernails on a chalkboard. There is a rule in our household that he doesn’t attempt to sing….or dance. Elaine on Seinfeld. Imagine my surprise when Brian comes zipping through my office singing, SINGING, “Faith” the George Michael mega-hit. I saw the look on his face when he turned to sing to me and I gave him the stink-eye. “Oops.” And he continued on his way. I kept getting “Faith” in my head, not the ear-worm kind where you can’t stop singing “Muskrat Love,” the one I get when my “line is open” and someone is trying to contact me. I asked Brian about the singing…”Did you hear that song today?” He said that he hadn’t and he didn’t know where it came from. Ah, I do. This episode is recorded live with a little timing tweak, for a better listening experience. 

R George Michael was an English singer, songwriter and record producer. Born in 1963, Michael was a leading creative force in music production, songwriting, vocal performance and visual presentation. He is regarded as one of the greatest artists of the late 20th century and an icon of pop culture. 

R Is this you George Michael?

G Yes, it is I.

R Did you send a message through my husband?

G Yes, I did, I was hoping you would pick it up.

R I did but I wanted to see if you were coming through.

G I’m here.

R I am so excited. We are both fans of your music.

G Thank you. It never gets old hearing that you made an impression. 

R Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

G And now you are sharing yours.

R Yes, I am so happy to be able to help those on your side to communicate. There is so much more to say.

G Yes there is and in the state the world is in now, they need it more than ever.

R George, I want to give people your story about your passing and transition. I believe that this is the information they need to have. We know about your life here, we want to know about your existence there.

G Oh, it is lovely here. No worries. No fears.

R Can you take us from when you passed? You were in bed?

G Yes, it was Christmas Eve and I was at home. I wasn’t feeling that well and I went to bed. Never woke up there again. 

R Can you describe the experience for us?

G I woke up in this place. I thought I was dreaming. But I was awake. There was a voice that told me to relax, I was safe. All would be revealed in due time. I was in a valley, with beautiful flowers and trees, I felt like Dorothy in Oz. After a short time I think, some relations came to me and explained that I was now home. It was odd because I was at peace with that. I wasn’t afraid, I was relieved really. No more body. And I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. There are no demands here. You live as you like.

R What do you do there George?

G We are busy despite the angel and harp jokes. We have duties, that we choose, and we are offered education and many other things. I am like the rest, we mentor and help you there, which is the most satisfying for us. We associate and play music, not what you think of music but it has its loveliness. There is so much more to your eternal life than the experience on Earth. Think of it as a supermall with unlimited stores. There are so many experiences that you can choose to have, more than I can even express. I am grateful for my experience there, I was able to learn lessons and now I can move on. 

R Will you come here again?

G No, I don’t think it is necessary. Especially now, the state of Earth is unknown. It is a very severe time. 

Brian joins us:

G Brian, so glad you got my message. I wasn’t sure if you would catch on.

B I’ve learned never to sing in front of Rene’. So right there I was possessed and that got Rene’s attention. 

G Well, we all appreciate what you have done for artists and music. You have made a difference in many here, more than you know. You will continue this journey in a different way but you will always be tied to music.

B Well that’s comforting to know because I am going to die with a song in my head, I love music.

G Not so soon, though, you have the time to create what you desire, you just have to have faith.

B I’m very big on faith.

G Is there anything that I can do for you?

B Help me focus on what I need to do.

G Do you meditate? I will come to you in meditation. And you are always welcome to contact me if you are able.

B I will contact you tomorrow when I meditate. 

G Looking forward to speaking with you, I may have some suggestions for you. 

B Looking forward to it.

G Toodles.

Brian out:

R Oh that was so nice, thank you.

G He has never gotten his due. I hope this project will bring him the recognition he deserves and you are also due. You have a good heart and soul.

R Aw. George, what do you think of mankind now that you have the big picture and what advice do you have?

G Well, if it were up to me, I’d tear it down and start again. That’s not how it works though. Everything is part of the bigger picture and mankind must go through what is planned, no matter how difficult. Some of the problems that you endure are because of the lack of education about this dimension. You have been discussing this and we are glad you are raising this topic. So many are so unconscious, and I include myself. I always felt there was more but I allowed myself to act as a human, rather than an enlightened being. I allowed the EGO to run most of that life. 

R You have the stage, talk to mankind.

G This is only one small part of your existence. Live like you are eternal like you are enlightened. This human is only a blink of an eye in the whole scope of things. If you understand that you are only here for a short time to learn and grow, not to become rich and live a selfish life, there would be less conflict and more love. Money is useless, it seems like the most important thing when you are there but it isn’t. Make less money and be happier. And treat your fellow man with love and respect. We are all of the same family.

R Since you left so unexpectedly, do you have any messages for those you left behind?

G I visit there, keep an eye on things. I will speak to those I care for when they get here. 

R Is there anything else you would like to talk about?

G May I contact you if I want to say more?

R Of course, please do, I welcome you.

G Thank you. And tell Brian not to sing my song again.

R Done. BTW, Elvis said the same thing.