Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside

S3 E42 Celebrity Souls Speak Lucille Ball, Includes Transcript

September 24, 2021 Season 3 Episode 42
Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian And Rene' Interviews With the Otherside
S3 E42 Celebrity Souls Speak Lucille Ball, Includes Transcript
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"I did see my body from the ceiling and it took a moment for it to sink in that I was dead. But I wasn’t dead. If I was dead, we wouldn’t be talking now, would we?" Lucille Ball.


CSS S3E42 Lucille Ball

Brian Hi. This is Brian White. Welcome to Season 3, Episode 42 of Celebrity Souls Speak With Brian and Rene’, Conversations From The Otherside: Lucille Ball. My wife, Rene’, is a spirit communicator, she speaks to those on the otherside, and I’ve been a radio personality for over 50 years. The otherside established communication with us because they wish to stay in touch with this dimension. They are our teachers, the invisible knowledge that helps us on our way. They have much to share and hope that those who listen will reflect on their messages. 

R Hello and thank you to our listeners  

R This conversation was recorded live, no editing except to speed up for your listening pleasure. I have many private conversations with those on the Otherside, along with producing this podcast as a way for them to communicate with you, they are also assisting me on my journey. The first part of this conversation is my contact with Lucy. This is one of those times where she came to me unexpectedly, which is fine with me. I was at my desk, with one of my cats, Lily, who likes to lay across my desk while I am trying to write. I hear in my mind’s eye:

L What a sweet cat. Female?

R Yes. Lucille Ball?

L Yes, very good.

R Oh my, hello, thank you for contacting me.

L Well, we have spoken before but we never got the chance yet to have a real conversation. I know that you were loyal to the Lucy character and I know that you don’t know the real Lucille Ball as she was there. But they weren’t really that far apart. Lucy is me in some ways. Anyway, I saw that you had so much love for that character that I just wanted to thank you for having love. Even if it is for a non-real person. 

R Well, I understand and I always felt that I knew I was watching an act, a portrayal, just like this life is a play, but I was also drawn to Lucy the soul, I believe. Don’t know why but I so enjoy, even now, your portrayal. 

L I am here to help you with this part of your journey. We are family, in the soul family way, and I am doing this because I see the potential that everyone else but you can see and I want to help you pull back the veil. 

R That is so kind of you. Thank you and I know a lot of spirits prefer to remain anonymous so I especially appreciate knowing it is you helping, that means something.

L I know that’s why you are hearing this.

R Ok, what do we do?

L How about an interview?

R Yay, great.

R Every day when I got home from school I would have a snack and watch “I Love Lucy.” One of my fondest childhood memories. I’ve watched everything that Lucy ever made, I believe, including “The Lucy Show” and “Life With Lucy.” I loved to watch her act and have never met her but I knew her. She visited me once when I was composing a Christmas greeting for Facebook but I haven’t gotten back with her yet. I have a list. She popped in and would like a chance to speak with you. Hi Lucy. 

L Hi darlin’, how are you?

R Great. Excited to be working with you. 

L Well, I am happy to help you out any way I can.

R Thank you. So let’s talk about you, or let’s talk about the character Lucille Ball. We’re really interested in your death and subsequent transition, what it was like, how you felt, what you saw, any advice you can give us. Whatever you want to discuss, the floor is yours.

L Well, I have things to say after we go through this. I was sick and knew it was time. But it was really sudden, something exploded and I was dead. I did see my body from the ceiling and it took a moment for it to sink in that I was dead. But I wasn’t dead. If I was dead, we wouldn’t be talking now, would we? That’s why I don’t get that people don’t believe in our eternal life. How could you not? Haven’t there been enough demonstrations? What more do you need in order to start including this part of your lives in your thoughts and planning. If you had known what life was really about, would you be leading the life you are now? Doubt it. We are love and compassion and acceptance and every good word you can come up with. There is nothing negative here. We exist and that existence is yours alone. You spoke of this today, we are not attached. We are singular entities of light and energy. We choose to have journeys, some have no choice, they must learn lessons and therefore have to repeat this journey. Others like me are ascended and are able to navigate to other realms and dimensions. 

R Would you share your transition experience? I believe the more we talk about this, the easier it will be for people to understand.

L After I saw myself and realized I was dead, I did see the tunnel and bright light. I knew to go there. I went through and suddenly I was in a field. And a voice told me not to worry, I was ok and to relax, all would be revealed shortly. And I asked if I was dead and it said “You are home.” I just sat there and my family came to get me. We went to the “Welcome Home” party that you know about then you get “processed” into your new existence. You see once you get there, you are joined with your spirit, which is where the larger part of your soul exists. Your whole soul does not come to Earth with you, just a part. And when you come home you are reacquainted with the rest of you. I know, sounds unbelievable but it’s true. Mankind in this form cannot understand the intricacies of this existence so that’s why we tell you what we can. The rest will hold until you are here and have the need for that information. 

R Have you been back here in another lifetime?

I will never return. It is too messed up for my existence. There are so many choices, you can pick your experiences so why not choose something more pleasant. 

R Did you accomplish your goal here?

L For the most part. There were some things that on reflection I could’ve done better but overall, yes my journey was successful. 

R What makes you happy? Is there a happy that naturally occurs as your state of mind? There are no emotions, so what is happy there, and is there another way you can relate?

L Nothing and everything. Here there is nothing but happiness, you don’t have opinions, emotions, feelings, as in human life. We don’t judge, there is no good and bad, we just exist alongside each other, doing what pleases your soul, and we are happy. 

R Can you share some of what you do?

L Mentor, for example, I think everyone you talk to will this answer. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to help someone. Watch them go from lost to found. 

R I know you can’t be specific about the person but can you tell us about the experience? What did you do to help someone?

L Nice way to go around it. I have many lifetimes you know so it just depends on what a person needs. In my life as Lucy, I made people smile, made them happy so I tend to help those folks as well as some of my other skills in my other lives. I do enjoy this Lucy
incarnation the most. So when someone needs joy and laughter in their life, I usually volunteer if they know who I am. 

R Ahhh, I see how I got chosen.

L Loyal fan.

R What kind of things do you teach, like in comedy how to tell a joke. Like that.
Sometimes it can be that simple, a matter of timing most of the time. People lack the patience it takes to wait for that beat. There is that one moment in time that the words are heard and digested that you have the opportunity to suggest a thought. Too fast, people haven’t had that moment to digest, too slow, lost interest, took too long to materialize. It’s the beat.

R I’ve been asking most of the questions, you said you had things to say. Please feel free.

L Well, I already said quite a bit. I have no patience. Laughs.

R Do you perform there? I know the musicians still play some type of music, do you act?

L In a manner. We do have entertainment. Not necessarily the same as what you experience but the same concept. Make people happy with your story.

R Is there a Yin to the Yang? There has be a balance, or is that not true.

L Somewhat. It is never 50/50. You are always striving for balance. We don’t have feelings and emotions, those are human attributes. You aren’t meant to completely understand. We really prefer that you allow us to show you what you need to see. And when you need to see it. You are learning more about this realm, many of you that have a communication link. There is much being revealed to mankind, it is a careful calculation. And most of the time it is out of balance but that’s your job, to try to bring it into 50-50. 

R So are you saying that we shouldn’t seek the advice of our Spirit Team?

L Oh no, didn’t mean that, I mean that you shouldn’t ask too many questions about how things work here, you will know when you have to, you will know when you know.

R Asking about our own path and getting direction is ok.

L Absolutely, it is encouraged and unfortunately, only a small percentage of humans engage us. 

R So I know that you sometimes “whisper in our ear,” why can’t you just put the thought there?

L You would prefer to have someone just intuit it, some can. Most have no clue and we have to walk that fine line between instructing and interfering. Where do we go now?

R You’re driving where do you want to go?

L I would like to shake everybody there and yell “WAKEUP.” They are so unconscious and it is the fault of society to censor what people know. You are being manipulated into thinking what those in power want you to think. You do not think for yourselves anymore. The inventions meant to enhance mankind are the ones that are destroying it. Mankind went down the wrong road, chose the wrong fork. It chose greed and malice and judgment instead of the virtues that are built into your human soul but that are not utilized. 

R If this isn’t what was intended, that makes no sense..why wouldn’t the Universe just change direction or course correct?

L Don’t forget there is also free will. There is a plan, a beginning, and end, along the way there are hurdles to overcome, but for the most part, you are given the choice. You always have a choice. You know right from wrong. You choose to do wrong, and sometimes that changes other smaller roads along your path. It has to reset your path, course correct. You will end up where you are supposed but you changed events along the way. The purpose of your journey is to learn and grow, and to apply those learnings to your life. It doesn’t matter when you learn these lessons, you are never too old to put them into action. As long as you are still breathing you can walk the path you were intended to.

R I think that is such an impactful statement, I used to say I am too old to change, but now I know better. You can change anytime you want. I just have one last question….what did you learn from this experience?

L Wow, good one. I learned that you can’t trust people, they are not evolved enough to understand right from wrong. There are no “white” lies or little fibs, wrong is wrong, doesn’t matter to what degree it is. And many people do not care how they maneuver this life they are given, they will not obey even the most basic tenets. There is so much hypocrisy in your society. Go to church and go home and beat your wife. People claim to be Christian or God-fearing or whatever they want to call their way to worship, but they won’t hesitate to lie, cheat and steal for their own benefit. Many complain that there is no book or instructions on the rules of how to navigate this life. You aren’t given direction about this life from the Universe so that we can see who you really are, how you really act in adversity, show your true colors. Those are the areas that you need to overcome, the reason for some to return to this experience because they didn’t get it the first time. There is a book of instruction, it’s called The Bible. Some of your questions will be answered there. And if there is any doubt or you need direction, speak to us, there are so many spirits here that just wish to help, to give direction. Ask the question, you will get an answer. 

R Thank you so much for speaking with us. 

L You are most welcome. Anytime.

R Sometimes the answers don’t come immediately, sometimes they come in the form of a dream, or a sign like a certain song or seeing a billboard, or a license plate or another person may have that answer for you and it comes up in conversation. Pay attention is my message. We are all psychic, some choose not to develop their ability but they are also being directed, even though they don’t recognize it, acknowledge it.